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LikeDM is a likelihood calculator of dark matter detection.

The basic function of LikeDM is to deal with the intermediate steps between the input dark matter model and the data. It enables fast computation of the likelihood of a given dark matter model (mass, cross section or decay rate, annihilation or decay yield spectrum), without digging into the details of cosmic-ray propagation, Fermi-LAT data analysis, and related astrophysical backgrounds.

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The "LikeDM" contains only the indirect ditection part, including
- the electron/positron measurements by AMS-02,
- the antiproton measurements by PAMELA, and
- the gamma-ray observations from dwarf spheroidal satellite galaxies by Fermi-LAT.
For one who wants to use direct detectin likelihoods, the branch "LikeDM-DD" can be download.

Further developments with more data, e.g., from the gamma-ray observations of the Galactic center and isotropic background will be carried out soon.


Xiaoyuan Huang (
Yue-Lin Sming Tsai (
Qiang Yuan (

@ "LikeDM-DD" code

  • References

    A combined analysis of PandaX, LUX, and XENON1T experiments within the framework of dark matter effective theory
    Zuowei Liu, Yushan Su, Yue-Lin Sming Tsai, Bingrong Yu, Qiang Yuan
The currently released version (LikeDM-DD v1.0) contains the likelihoods for
- PandaX (run8, run9, and run10),
- LUX (WS2013 and WS2014-16), and
- XENON1T (2017).

For the users who want to use EFT, a matching between couplings of high energy scale theory and coefficients of non-relativistic operators can be implemented by using
a tool called DirectDM (by Fady Bishara, Joachim Brod, Benjamin Grinstein, and Jure Zupan).

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